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Provide For Care and Protection of Your Pet

In 2008, California adopted a revised pet trust statute, which is found in California Probate Code Section 15212.

This law allows for you to include in your estate plan a provision that upon your death, a certain sum of money will be held by a trustee (that you appoint) in trust for the benefit of your pet.

You also nominate a caretaker to take care of the pet.

The trustee and the caregiver may be the same person, or 2 different persons.

Pet Trust Administration

The nominated caregiver takes physical possession of the pet when you die, and the trustee provides funds to the caregiver as needed for the costs of the pet’s food, veterinary care, and supplies.

A pet trust is considered a lawful trust, but is considered noncharitable; and “animal” is broadly defined in the law to include any domestic or pet animal.

The pet trust ends when the animal dies, and any funds left over are distributed to “remainder beneficiaries” which you name in the trust.

There are some requirements for accounting for large trusts, or if the trust document requires accountings, or if a court so orders an accounting.

Essentially, the pet trust is conducted in much the same way as a standard Trust Administration.

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