21st Mar 2014

I often tell clients, that Estate Planning is a process.  It is simply the steps you would take to ensure that your property, your money, and your assets go to your family and loved ones in the event of your passing away.  The most common legal documents that are used in the estate planning process is the will, and the revocable living trust, often referred to as the family trust. 
The issues involved in estate planning involve asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are the assets, properties, and money that make up my estate?
  • Whom do I want to receive those assets, properties, and money if I were to pass away?
  • Who do I trust to act as my personal representative to manage my estate if I cannot, because of my  incapacity or my passing away?

And, a related issues is who do I want to make medical and health care decisions for me if I cannot make those decisions for myself?

Working with an experienced estate planning attorney will provide you with the expert advice you need to create the right estate plan for you.

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