How to Plan for the Future of a Disabled Love One

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19th Jun 2014

It’s not easy to consider that a child, parent, grandparent, sister, or brother may suffer from a disability that causes them to no longer be able to support themself. Having this happen would be devastating. These disabilities would be life altering for the family member and for you.

At Tompkins Law we can help you plan for the unexpected events that were not on your agenda like a disabled family member. Dwight Tompkins, is ready and waiting to assist you with your California asset protection trust needs.
Facts and Statistics About Disabilities
At the Disability Funders Network website some alarming statistics about the disabled can be found:
 People with disabilities make up the United State’s largest minority group, and this group is the only group that you can fall under at any time due to medical issues or accidents.

Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Americans with disabilities increased by a whopping 25 %, exceeding any other sector in the United States.

Of the 69.6 million families existing in the United States, more than 20 million families have at least one family member who has a disability of some form.
An asset protection trust is a necessity in California and Tompkins-Law can help you with your estate planning for a disabled family member. You never know when your family may be one of the 20 million who have a special needs family member.
What is a California Special Needs Trust and What does it Provide?
A Special Needs Trust is an asset protection trust that is designed to protect a person with a disability. Dwight Tompkins is very familiar with the California rules for asset trust protection. The Special Needs Trust may sometimes be referred to as a Supplemental Needs Trust and was recognized by the United States Government in 1993.  Some of the trust benefits are:
·      Medicaid
·      Subsidized housing
·      Supplemental Security income (SSI)
·      Vocational Rehabilitation
In a properly research, completed, and filed Special Needs Trust, the current assets of the disabled are not considered in calculating the reward of the benefits for the person. The Special Needs Trust is designed to provide extra care beyond what the government normally provides. Each trust is an exclusive unit with a government issued Federal Identification Number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. The trust is usually a stand alone, but it can be combined with a will.
If this sounds confusing to you, consider handling all of these legal details, the government and medical paperwork, and at the same time the caring for your disabled family member. All those jobs are simply too much and too confusing for one person. You need an expert legal professional to assist you. That is why for your California asset protection trust; you must turn to Tomkins Law for help.
Assurance for Your Loved Ones with Special Needs
Tompkins Law will ensure that your disabled loved one gets all the benefits he or she is entitled to receive beyond the government programs, and that no matter the income attributed to your family member, that the family member still gets some of the following (as needed):
·      Education and tutoring as needed
·      Funds for trips, excursions, and vacations
·      Funds for movies, sporting events, plays, and all kinds of entertainment options
·      Personal care attendant
·      Personal care escort
·      Uncovered medical expenses
·      Uncovered dental expenses
·      Uncovered eye expenses
Tompkins Law can create a traditional stand alone Special Needs Trust or attach it to an existing or new will or estate plan. You work hard for your money; do not let the government take what might be needed to give care to a family member, when the government has guaranteed that care through the Special Needs Trust. You want what is right and best for your family.
But Why Tompkins Law for California Asset Protection Trust?
Dwight Tompkins cares about you and your family as shown by his over 25 years of experience in estate and trust planning in Orange County, California. He is a graduate of the Loyola Law School where he was honored for his hard work by having the American Jurisprudence Award for Trial Advocacy bestowed upon him. He knows his business of trust and estate planning, and he is the best in California for asset protection trust needs.
When it comes to your loved ones and your assets, I’m sure you want someone you can trust to handle your estate planning. For asset protection in Orange County, that person is Dwight Tompkins. These things are simply too important to be entrusted to with someone does not know what he is doing.
Dwight Tompkins and his staffs’ devotion to their clients is amazing. He will consider the needs, assets, and disability of the individual and then create a plan for the Special Needs Trust. All of these services will be given at an affordable cost. In his words, it is his personal commitment to:
·      Personally design an optimum plan for each client
·      Provide guidance and assistance that considers the client’s assets and the trust plan
·      Provide ongoing trust maintenance with needed, deletes, updates or amendments
·      Provide timely and affordable trust planning for each client
·      Develop creative individualized solutions
If you cannot come to the Tompkins Law office, Dwight will come to your home or even the hospital if need be. He cares about you and your family.

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