Naming Guardians

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 Protecting Your Children

Parents with minor children have a special responsibility to make sure that a guardian is nominated in a will.  There are various kinds of wills, and the nomination of a guardian can be made in any will, even a basic, simple will.

Of course, if a surviving parent lives with the minor children (and has custody over them) he or she automatically continues to remain their sole guardian.  This is true despite the fact that others may be named as the guardian in your will. 

You should still name a guardian in your will, at least as an alternative in case for any reason the surviving parent fails to act in their capacity as the parent.

Under California law, a minor cannot legally care for themselves; nor are they legally qualified to manage money or property left to them.

Your nomination of a guardian will help avoid a battle between well-meaning family members over the care and custody of your minor children. 

If you die without naming a guardian, then the court will make that decision for you.

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Naming Guardians

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