25th May 2013

Estate planning means PLANNING!  This seems obvious, but many people wait to the last minute to plan their estates.

In my almost quarter century of working as an estate planning lawyer, I have been called upon on many occasions to meet with a new client in a hospital, skilled care facility, or their home, where they are terminally ill; sometimes just days before their death.  

In such a situation, I use my best efforts to accommodate the client, and expedite the preparation and execution of the living trust.   But, I have been in several close calls where the client, although still alive, is quickly deteriorating and their capacity to direct me and execute their estate plan is diminishing.

The time to make an estate plan is now, before you are on the verge of passing away.   In this way, you can truly plan your estate, not merely just making last second decisions under pressure, especially when you are uncomfortable and your capacity is in question.

Dwight Edward Tompkins,
Estate Planning Lawyer,
Orange, California.

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