13th Jun 2017

When it comes time to plan for your future, you need to decide if you and your loved ones would benefit more from a living trust or a will. A lot of people opt for both, as they both have … more

Why a Will is Not Enough

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14th Feb 2017

Nobody wants to think about their death. However, since there is a 100% chance that we will one day leave this world, we must make provisions for those we leave behind. Most people draft a will and think that will … more

12th May 2015

Trusts avoid probate, thus bypassing the court and often resulting in shorter periods of administration. Trusts often are significantly less expensive to administer than probate estates. Trusts provide for management of your assets during lifetime if you become incapacitated.  This … more

13th Apr 2015

Estate planning is only legally acknowledged as valid when the individual engaged is of “sound mind”. “Sound mind”, while simple to understand and in short words, in estate planning actually refers to a complicated set of rules governing when an … more