5th Jun 2013

This video covers the basics of Family Business Succession Planning for small business owners.  Topics include income, control, and succession issues that face small, family-based business owners. Dwight Edward Tompkins,Business Succession Lawyer,Orange County, California.

4th Jun 2013

A basic overview of the Grantor Retained Annuity Trust, commonly known as a GRAT. Dwight Edward Tompkins,Trust and Estates Lawyer, Orange County, California.

2nd Jun 2013

This video is a good overview of the Charitable Remainder Trust, which is a type of irrevocable living trust, where you can obtain certain tax advantages, reduce the size of your taxable estate, obtain a stream of income, and help … more

28th May 2013

This is video discusses a “self-settled” special needs trust, the type of special needs trust that is set up by the disabled person themselves.  This is different from the “third party” special needs trust, which is the kind of trust … more

24th May 2013

Good overview of the estate tax changes that went into effect on January 1, 2013:  Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Lawyer,Orange County California.

What is a Living Trust? (Spanish)

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19th May 2013

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Lawyer – Living Trusts,Orange County California.

9th May 2013

DWIGHT EDWARD TOMPKINS,Orange County Living Trust Lawyer.

6th May 2013

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Orange County Living Trust Lawyer. Orange, California.

Trust Litigation Statutes of Limitation

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2nd May 2013

Good information about the statute of limitations on lawsuits against trusts in California.  Presented by Attorney Keith A. Davidson.

1st May 2013

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Lawyer.