7th Sep 2014

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22nd Sep 2013

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Video: Orange County Living Trusts: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

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11th Feb 2012

Orange County, California estate planning attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, warns of the danger of botched trusts which fail to carry out the client’s estate plan.  Botched trusts include badly written trusts, unfunded trusts, and unexecuted (unsigned) trusts. Failed trusts are … more

17th Dec 2011

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17th Apr 2010

I am often asked to review and amend living trusts or family trusts that have been not been originally prepared by me.  Tragically, some of these turn out to be a “botched trust”.  A “botched trust” is a trust that will ultimately fail when … more

7th Apr 2010

Funding a living trust or family trust is a critical step in achieving the goals of the trust estate plan. Failure to properly fund a trust will result in an overall failure of  the trust itself to carry out its … more