3rd Oct 2014

The financial state of a significant number of elderly people is not very good. Statistics show that a lot more people aged 65 or older are filing for bankruptcy. The increase in bankruptcy filing by people aged between 65 and … more

30th Sep 2014

What’s often overlooked is the way in which estate planning for same sex couples can be considerably more difficult than what’s considered conventional. If you take for example the situation in Texas wherein same sex marriage is not recognized by … more

29th Sep 2014

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22nd Feb 2014


3rd Dec 2013

One main objective of estate planning is tax planning.  Nowadays a popular way to reduce estate taxes is through gifting.  Many estate owners like using this tool because they get to see their beneficiaries benefit from their gifts.  As an … more

27th Oct 2013

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How to Die Right with an Estate Plan in Place

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22nd Jul 2013

Dying isn’t pretty, but it’s a necessary part of life that all living creatures end up with. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, however, humans often leave behind some legacy or unfinished business when they die, particularly when it … more

Keeping the Peace in the Family

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19th Jul 2013

If you’re one of those who think that estate planning is only for the very rich or those with a lot of assets, you are totally mistaken. You may not have actually taken stock of what you own, but most … more