21st Sep 2016

Estate planning by parents for a special-needs child presents unique challenges. Parents have to be aware of them and what their options are for managing them. Otherwise, they could find that they are making common errors which endanger the child’s … more

28th May 2013

This is video discusses a “self-settled” special needs trust, the type of special needs trust that is set up by the disabled person themselves.  This is different from the “third party” special needs trust, which is the kind of trust … more

4th May 2013

The 3 most common irrevocable trusts are: 1.  The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, often referred to as an “ILIT”.   This kind of trust is designed to create liquidity for payment of estate taxes, and at the same time taking … more

28th Dec 2012

People make an estate plan so as to secure the financial well-being of their loved ones, be they healthy individuals or people with special needs. In fact, you can say that a will or living trust may be more important … more

Special Needs and Your Estate Plan in California

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20th Sep 2012

The main aim of planning your estate is to ensure that your loved ones get the most of what you leave behind and thus live a good quality of life after you are gone.  With a well-written will or living … more