21st Sep 2016

Estate planning by parents for a special-needs child presents unique challenges. Parents have to be aware of them and what their options are for managing them. Otherwise, they could find that they are making common errors which endanger the child’s … more

21st Mar 2014

I often tell clients, that Estate Planning is a process.  It is simply the steps you would take to ensure that your property, your money, and your assets go to your family and loved ones in the event of your … more

26th Jul 2013

Contrary to what many people think, I do not automatically continue as the attorney for the trust.  The trustee may retain me as the attorney, but they are not obligated to do so.  The trustee may retain another qualified attorney, … more

15th May 2013

The trustee of a special needs trust has a complex job, which requires the trustee to understand the law and rules of government benefits, as well having the duty to invest funds appropriately.  Add the taxation requirements to prepare and … more

30th Mar 2012

Planning for a special needs child or family member after you pass away is one of the most challenging decisions you will make, and it is a critical part of estate planning. This video by Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer … more

17th Dec 2011

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18th Nov 2011

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