25th May 2013

Estate planning means PLANNING!  This seems obvious, but many people wait to the last minute to plan their estates. In my almost quarter century of working as an estate planning lawyer, I have been called upon on many occasions to … more

21st May 2013

First, only a revocable trust may be amended, and that power must appear in the trust document, and identify what party or parties have the right of revocation and amendment. Normally, it is the settlor or settlors (sometimes referred to … more

9th May 2013

DWIGHT EDWARD TOMPKINS,Orange County Living Trust Lawyer.

29th Apr 2013

The terms “heir” and “beneficiary” are often used interchangeably by many people and I do so as well from time to time. However, there is an important difference between an “heir” and a “beneficiary”. An “heir” is someone who has … more

29th Nov 2012

Dwight Edward Tompkins, Estate Planning Lawyer. Tompkins-Law.com 

Video: Orange County Living Trusts: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

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11th Feb 2012

Orange County, California estate planning attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, warns of the danger of botched trusts which fail to carry out the client’s estate plan.  Botched trusts include badly written trusts, unfunded trusts, and unexecuted (unsigned) trusts. Failed trusts are … more

28th Jan 2012

The essentials of a California Revocable Living Trust are covered in this video, including the benefits of trusts over wills in avoiding probate, which include cost savings, privacy, and avoiding time delays of the court system. The video is presented … more

20th Jan 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney Dwight Edward Tompkins explains the basics of Family Trusts and why you need one. Triggers that cause an estate to go into probate court are discussed. Details can be found at   Tompkins-Law.com 

16th Jan 2012

Understanding that Estate Planning is more than just trusts and wills, but is a comprehensive process that may include financial, medical, business, and incapacity planning is basic to anyone interested in forming an estate plan. This video from CaliforniaFamilyTrusts.com and … more

6th Jan 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, explains family trusts and wills, and how they are used for estate planning in California. The advantages of family trusts are highlighted including probate avoidance, cost savings, privacy, and incapacity planning. Based … more