How Do You Benefit From Incorporating a Revocable Living Trust Into Your Estate Plan?

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2nd May 2017

A Revocable Living Trust, or inter vivos trust, is another name for a living trust. It essentially is a legal document created by the trust maker in order to determine who will take possession and control of their assets after … more

12th Jan 2015

7th Sep 2014

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23rd Feb 2014

I often tell clients, that Estate Planning is a process.  It is simply the steps you would take to ensure that your property, your money, and your assets go to your family and loved ones in the event of your … more

22nd Feb 2014


27th Jan 2014

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Lawyer,Orange County, California.

5th Nov 2013

One estate panning mechanism that people use to avoid probate is the creation of a Trust.  With this mechanism, the property, assets and cash resources of the estate owned (known as the Trustor) are transferred and titled in the name … more

27th Oct 2013

Presented by Estate Planning Lawyer, Dwight Edward Tompkins,Orange, California 

15th Aug 2013

At least in California, putting the family home into a Revocable Living Trust essential to avoiding probate and making sure there is an orderly succession to the beneficiaries.   There are other reasons to transfer the home ownership to a trust.  … more

10th Aug 2013

In a revocable living trust there are two groups of people.  The trustees who administer the trust, and the beneficiaries who receive all or part of the trust estate upon distribution. Often the successor trustees and beneficiaries are the same … more