8th Apr 2012

Advance Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney for Health Care are carefully defined and compared in this video by Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer, Dwight Edward Tompkins. Tompkins-Law.com

21st Mar 2012

A Durable Power of Attorney for Management of Finances and Assets allows you to protect yourself against an unexpected period of incapacity. This informative video explains how Powers of Attorney work, when to use them and how they fit into … more

2nd Mar 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, reveals how powers of attorney are often misused, and how they are properly used when created with the help of a qualified estate planning lawyer. This video is a must for those … more

10th Dec 2011

Presented by  Orange County Estate Planning Attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins.   714 385-0044.  CaliforniaFamilyTrusts.com This blog is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney in your jurisdiction. 

Video: Powers of Attorney

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5th Nov 2011


18th Jun 2011

Without a living trust and/or powers of attorney for management of finances and assets, you will end up in a “legal twilight zone” if you become incapacitated. Even a Will cannot help you or your family if you are incapacitated, … more

4th Aug 2010

An incapacitated person is deemed to lack legal ability to act; i.e., make legal decisions, sign documents, enter into agreements, etc. There are 3 principal ways to protect yourself in the event of incapacity.  The 3 protections are to execute … more