13th Jun 2017

When it comes time to plan for your future, you need to decide if you and your loved ones would benefit more from a living trust or a will. A lot of people opt for both, as they both have … more

What You Need to Know Before Writing a Living Trust

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29th Mar 2017

One of things you should think about when it comes to estate planning is the need for a living trust. However, you need to understand the key differences between a standard will and a living trust. A living trust is … more

12th May 2015

Trusts avoid probate, thus bypassing the court and often resulting in shorter periods of administration. Trusts often are significantly less expensive to administer than probate estates. Trusts provide for management of your assets during lifetime if you become incapacitated.  This … more

11th Nov 2014

Although California has eliminated the death tax for descendants of those died after 2014, you need to know how to protect your estate from being drastically reduced by federal estate taxes. This means you still need to take steps to … more

Discussion of various considerations to make in Estate Planning.

30th Oct 2014

Making plans for your estate is one of the most helpful things you can do for your loved ones to prepare for a disability or death.  Having a plan in place to take care of your financial and medical affairs … more

19th Oct 2014

Discussion of Debt Inheritance by Tompkins Law. 

11th Oct 2014

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Lawyerin Orange County, California.

7th Sep 2014

Presented by Estate Planning Attorney,Dwight Edward Tompkins,Orange, California

20th Mar 2014

Here are five reasons you need a living trust:1.  Your assets will go directly to your beneficiaries — bypassing the lengthy and expensive probate process, especially here in California. 2.  A trust is private and will not become public record … more