21st Mar 2012

A Durable Power of Attorney for Management of Finances and Assets allows you to protect yourself against an unexpected period of incapacity. This informative video explains how Powers of Attorney work, when to use them and how they fit into … more

10th Mar 2012

Orange County California Estate Planning Lawyer Dwight Edward Tompkins explains the basics of the Estate Tax and how important it is to plan for Estate Taxes when forming an estate Plan. Whether planning with a living trust or a will, … more

2nd Mar 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, reveals how powers of attorney are often misused, and how they are properly used when created with the help of a qualified estate planning lawyer. This video is a must for those … more

Video: What is a Will?

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17th Feb 2012

Everyone should have a Will to avoid having the Probate Court decide who gets your estate and how much they will receive. Parents of minor children must have a Will to name a guardian. These and other important points are … more

Video: Orange County Living Trusts: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

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11th Feb 2012

Orange County, California estate planning attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, warns of the danger of botched trusts which fail to carry out the client’s estate plan.  Botched trusts include badly written trusts, unfunded trusts, and unexecuted (unsigned) trusts. Failed trusts are … more

4th Feb 2012

People often confuse Probate with taxes.  If it is not a tax what is it?  What is involved in Probate in California?  Why is it so expensive and time-consuming?    These questions are answered in this video, which includes an outline … more

28th Jan 2012

The essentials of a California Revocable Living Trust are covered in this video, including the benefits of trusts over wills in avoiding probate, which include cost savings, privacy, and avoiding time delays of the court system. The video is presented … more