20th May 2013

One the unintended consequences of failing to plan your estate is that family members you detest may end up with your estate, or a portion of it. Consider the story of the estate I handled a few years ago.  The … more

29th Apr 2013

The terms “heir” and “beneficiary” are often used interchangeably by many people and I do so as well from time to time. However, there is an important difference between an “heir” and a “beneficiary”. An “heir” is someone who has … more

Video: California Estate Planning For Unmarried Couples

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23rd Feb 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer Dwight Edward Tompkins explains why creating an estate plan is critical for unmarried couples. Because an unmarried partner is not considered an heir under California law, a will or living trust must be executed to … more

4th Feb 2012

People often confuse Probate with taxes.  If it is not a tax what is it?  What is involved in Probate in California?  Why is it so expensive and time-consuming?    These questions are answered in this video, which includes an outline … more