7th Sep 2014

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28th May 2014

Presented by Estate Planning Lawyer, Dwight Edward Tompkins, Orange, CA.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University – Highlights

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28th Mar 2014

Reverse Mortgage Infomercial with Jeff Krolosky

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14th Mar 2014


17th Aug 2013

Frequently, having a family meeting about your estate plan may help you with your goals of protecting and providing for your family.  A family meeting often will help in generally preparing your beneficiaries for future inheritances and responsibilities (or lack … more

5th Jun 2013

This video covers the basics of Family Business Succession Planning for small business owners.  Topics include income, control, and succession issues that face small, family-based business owners. Dwight Edward Tompkins,Business Succession Lawyer,Orange County, California.

29th May 2013

According to a recent survey, the average American worker spends approximately $2,000 a year eating out for lunch, instead of bringing a brown bag lunch from home. If you put your lunch money to work in investing,  you will significantly … more

15th May 2013

The trustee of a special needs trust has a complex job, which requires the trustee to understand the law and rules of government benefits, as well having the duty to invest funds appropriately.  Add the taxation requirements to prepare and … more

29th Apr 2013

The terms “heir” and “beneficiary” are often used interchangeably by many people and I do so as well from time to time. However, there is an important difference between an “heir” and a “beneficiary”. An “heir” is someone who has … more

26th Apr 2013

The Obama “Green Book” Budget for 2014 proposes the estate tax revert back to 2009 rates.  On page 138, the Administration states: “Beginning in 2018, the proposal would make permanent the estate, GST, and gift tax parameters as they applied … more