7th Mar 2014

Presented by: Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Lawyer. Orange, CA  

1st Mar 2014

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Lawyer,Orange, California. 

24th May 2013

Good overview of the estate tax changes that went into effect on January 1, 2013:  Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Lawyer,Orange County California.

4th May 2013

The 3 most common irrevocable trusts are: 1.  The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, often referred to as an “ILIT”.   This kind of trust is designed to create liquidity for payment of estate taxes, and at the same time taking … more

California Estate, Inheritance and Death Tax

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28th Nov 2012

When a permanent U.S resident or U.S citizen passes away, the federal and state government have the ability to impose a tax, on the estate of the person who recently passed away. The legal term that describes this scenario is … more