3rd Oct 2014

The financial state of a significant number of elderly people is not very good. Statistics show that a lot more people aged 65 or older are filing for bankruptcy. The increase in bankruptcy filing by people aged between 65 and … more

30th Sep 2014

What’s often overlooked is the way in which estate planning for same sex couples can be considerably more difficult than what’s considered conventional. If you take for example the situation in Texas wherein same sex marriage is not recognized by … more

29th Sep 2014

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Attorney,Orange, California.

20th Mar 2014

Here are five reasons you need a living trust:1.  Your assets will go directly to your beneficiaries — bypassing the lengthy and expensive probate process, especially here in California. 2.  A trust is private and will not become public record … more

7th Mar 2014

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California Estate, Inheritance and Death Tax

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28th Nov 2012

When a permanent U.S resident or U.S citizen passes away, the federal and state government have the ability to impose a tax, on the estate of the person who recently passed away. The legal term that describes this scenario is … more