12th Dec 2017

Without a doubt, one of the toughest things to do in life is planning for your estate. It can be a bit depressing having to focus on the end phases of your life, but in reality, it is one of … more

21st Oct 2013

Many people put off making an estate plan because of certain misconceptions.  As an Orange County estate planning attorney, I have heard many misconceptions about estate planning, three of which deter people from starting an estate plan. 1.      Estate planning … more

15th Oct 2013

When you prepare your estate plan, you essentially strive to answer the question:  How will my estate be disposed of when I pass away or get incapacitated?  For both contingencies, you plan ahead as to who will get what part … more

1st May 2013

Dwight Edward Tompkins,Estate Planning Lawyer.

29th Nov 2012

Dwight Edward Tompkins, Estate Planning Lawyer. Tompkins-Law.com 

Don’t Let the Recession Dictate What You Do For Your Estate Plan

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26th Nov 2012

When people fall under difficult economic times, they typically cut back on everything. The main things they cut back on include vacations, dining out, giving gifts and other things they may want to buy which are not essential to their … more