17th Aug 2013

Frequently, having a family meeting about your estate plan may help you with your goals of protecting and providing for your family.  A family meeting often will help in generally preparing your beneficiaries for future inheritances and responsibilities (or lack … more

Naming Guardians for Your Minor Children

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17th May 2013

Naming a guardian for your minor children is one of the most important decisions in estate planning.   This nomination is made in your Will, even if you have chosen to utilized a revocable Living Trust as the primary estate plan. … more

30th Mar 2012

Planning for a special needs child or family member after you pass away is one of the most challenging decisions you will make, and it is a critical part of estate planning. This video by Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer … more

17th Dec 2011

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14th May 2011

The new law signed by the President in December gives owners of family businesses probably the biggest tax beak to come along in many years. That break is the lifetime gift exemption, now $5 Million, for the next two years … more

24th Apr 2011

Last year, a lawyers group, Wealth Counsel, conducted a survey of estate planning lawyers from all over the US.  I participated in the survey. 63% said they opposed repealing the estate tax.  32% said they supported taxing “beneficiaries who did … more

17th Sep 2010

a A prenuptial agreement sets out the property rights between the partners to a pending marriage, i.e., what will be their community property (what they own together), and what will be their separate property (what one of them owns separate … more

3rd Sep 2010

If you have minor children, you should have a will prepared and executed in which you nominate the guardians for the children in the event of your death. Even if the size of your estate justifies the use of living … more