20th Jan 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney Dwight Edward Tompkins explains the basics of Family Trusts and why you need one. Triggers that cause an estate to go into probate court are discussed. Details can be found at   Tompkins-Law.com 

6th Jan 2012

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney, Dwight Edward Tompkins, explains family trusts and wills, and how they are used for estate planning in California. The advantages of family trusts are highlighted including probate avoidance, cost savings, privacy, and incapacity planning. Based … more

1st Oct 2011

19th Nov 2010

DWIGHT EDWARD TOMPKINS Attorney at Law TOMPKINS-LAW.COM    This blog is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified estate planning attorney in your jurisdiction.  

13th May 2010

Elder Abuse is a growing problem due to the fact that Americans are living longer and the fact that many families are not prepared to handle their aging parent or family member.   This sometimes leads to abusive treatment of the … more