24th Jan 2017

One of the best pieces of news in recent years is the federal tax exemption of $5.34 million per person and indexed to inflation made permanent. This means, for 2014, as much as $5.34 million of a person’s estate will … more

15th Jun 2016

Have you ever stopped to think about what will happen to your possessions once you pass away? Several people consider their loved ones and put trusts and life insurance policies in place; however, they fail to appropriately plan for their … more

The Dangers of Not Having a Special Needs Trust

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21st Sep 2015

Understanding wills and trusts and the different components of each, can prove to be quite confusing. But, one very important component that should not go overlooked is the Special Needs Trust. If you care for a special needs child or … more

21st Mar 2014

I often tell clients, that Estate Planning is a process.  It is simply the steps you would take to ensure that your property, your money, and your assets go to your family and loved ones in the event of your … more

15th Nov 2013

For many of us, pets are a part of the family.   However, we sometimes worry about what will happen to them in the event of our death.  If you are a resident of California, you do not have to worry.  … more

27th Oct 2013

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10th Oct 2013

An estate planning lawyer in Orange County states that for many people, the main objective of an estate plan is to ensure that their assets will be transferred to the people they care for after they die.  A well-executed estate … more

16th Sep 2013

Like income tax, estate tax generally increases in a bracketed manner. With the former, the higher the income, the higher the percentage to be paid in income tax.  The same goes through with estate tax. For California estate tax, the … more

5th Sep 2013

Steven Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, once said that “death is the single best invention.”  When he said those words, Jobs was already facing his own mortality while battling cancer.  Hence, he felt he had to act with more … more

How Does Estate Tax Impact My Estate Plan in California?

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29th Aug 2013

Drafting a living trust is an easy and yet necessary processes that every person with assets will have to go through, but many people put it off sometimes until it’s too late. This is especially important if they do not … more