21st May 2013

First, only a revocable trust may be amended, and that power must appear in the trust document, and identify what party or parties have the right of revocation and amendment. Normally, it is the settlor or settlors (sometimes referred to … more

2nd Dec 2012

No.  As the creator of the trust, you have 2 powers that give you ultimate control over the Living Trust:  The power to amend the trust, and the power to revoke the trust.  Also, during your lifetime, as long you … more


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28th Mar 2011

It really depends on your individual circumstances, particularly the complexity and size of your estate. Most estate planning lawyers charge a flat fee, also known as a fixed fee, to prepare an estate plan, whether it is a basic will … more

20th Jul 2010

Yankee’s owner, George Steinbrenner died on July 13, 2010 leaving his family an estimated $1.1 Billion Estate! And, under the current 2010 tax law, his estate will pay NO ESTATE TAXES? That’s right!   Congress and the President have not … more