26th Aug 2015

Estate Planning may seem like something only older, extremely wealthy people need to think about. However, this is not the case. Estate planning is something everyone should not only think about, but also prepare for. Once something happens to us, … more

7th May 2014

As an Orange County estate-planning attorney, I think its important to understand the importance of a Living Will and Power of Attorney for health-care. In California, this course of action is known as an “advance health care directive”, with implications, … more

30th Apr 2013

Side by side with estate planning is retirement planning.  Here are some important things to know: 1.  Outline your retirement goals.    2.  Know key dates.  For example, there is a 7 month window for enrolling in Medicare beginning 3 … more

8th Apr 2012

Advance Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney for Health Care are carefully defined and compared in this video by Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer, Dwight Edward Tompkins. Tompkins-Law.com