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28th Mar 2011

It really depends on your individual circumstances, particularly the complexity and size of your estate.

Most estate planning lawyers charge a flat fee, also known as a fixed fee, to prepare an estate plan, whether it is a basic will or a complex plan with a living trust with other necessary documents required to achieve your goals and objectives.

Fees vary from lawyer to lawyer.  Unfortunately, some people look to non-lawyer sources for a “cheap trust”, such as online websites, or so-called non-attorney “estate planners”.  These sources are prohibited by law from giving legal advice, so the documents they provide are only rudimentary boilerplate paperwork in which they fill in your name. 

These non-lawyer sources charge hundreds of dollars for their services, and the savings are often small compared with the superior services that would be provided by a qualified estate planning attorney.

When contacting an estate planning attorney, ask them how many years of experience they have in estate planning.  Ask what percentage of their practice is devoted to estate planning versus other areas of the law.

It is difficult for an attorney to quote a fee without carefully looking at all of the facts involved in the estate plan, however, they should be able to give you an idea of the range of fees.

Be sure to ask about future amendments and fees for those legal services.

Being informed is a key step in retaining an attorney; however, the most important element is hiring an experienced and qualified estate planning lawyer that not only can assist you in setting up the estate plan, but is there for you when you have questions or changes in the future.

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