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12th May 2009

Starting in 2000, California (where I practice law) adopted the “ADVANCE HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE” as the legally recognized health care planning document. Many states have similar documents, the most common is the “Living Will” (don’t confuse this with the Living … more


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6th May 2009

WHAT IS ESTATE PLANNING?ESTATE PLANNING IS THE WAY A PERSON PLANS THE DISPOSITION OF THEIR PROPERTY AND ASSETS WHEN THEY DIE.Estate Planning helps people eliminate uncertainities of what will happen to their assets and property by the establishment of a … more

Keeping Your Real Estate in the Trust

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25th Apr 2009

If you have a trust, one of the important events to keep in mind is the purchase of new real estate or the re-financing of real estate.Whenever these two events occur, the real estate title will often not be in … more


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14th Apr 2009

TRUST BASICS Although there are many kinds of trusts, the most common trust used in Estate Planning is the Revocable Living Trust, also referred to as the Living Trust, the Inter Vivos Trust, and the Revocable Inter Vivos Trust. The … more